Everyday bag – wolf


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Black everyday bag design

A stylized wolf drawn on black cotton bag. Textile paint, reflective fabric and crystal beads were used. This is unique exceptional geometric design.

Perfect gift for any occasion (birthday, Christmas, BFF etc.) for your close one.

This everyday bag size ~ 39 x 45 cm. Same design can be made on other bag or cloth.

Everyday bag as personalized gift

Everyday bag can be personalized, applied on specific materials or clothes. For more information please read description below.

If you would like to have something similar, but different design, size or colors, contact: hi@romb-bomb.com

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Everyday bag – personalized gift

This black everyday bag is unique and one of a kind because its application is handmade, but the same or other design from the Gallery can be applied on other cloth you can wear.

You can view WOLF GALLERY to see design and technique range. Usually textile pieces are glued with textile glue and sewed onto surface of cloth. If textile paint is used it is applied with a brush and then ironed to stick to cloth. Then it can be washed in washing machine with temperature less than 40 degrees of Celsius. Hand washing is recommended. For longer use iron on medium or low heat. If you need more information, please contact.

wolf on white t-shirt closeup
wolf on white t shirt closeup
metal wolf on blue shirt
metal wolf on blue shirt
wolf drawn on black cotton bag in process
wolf drawn on black cotton bag in process